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An overview of Space Adventure Experiences

Space Experiences

Undoubtedly one of mankind’s most pivotal achievements of all time has been to conquer gravity, which ultimately opened up the exploration of the outer space. The successes of the space missions of both America and Russia have opened up a mesmerizing frontier that sparked a lot of interest in space travel.

Orbital spaceflights

In the recent years even private citizens have been able to sample the authentic space adventure experiences with up to 7 of them having been flown successfully into the Earth’s orbital trajectory and other near space flights. This is naturally an exciting achievement, and should you feel you have the nerve and more to the point, money to attempt this feat the sky is definitely not the limit.

Space adventures is a revolutionary firm that deals with space tourism and offers diverse packages such as the aforementioned zero gravity flights, that come with  spacewalk options should you be keen on doing so.

These space adventure experiences also include a once in a lifetime opportunity to physically witness the launch of Russian Soyuz rockets. This package includes witnessing the actual training regimen of real cosmonauts before the eventual takeoff.

Spaceflights simulations

However, if this isn’t up to your tastes you can still settle for the next best thing when it comes to experiencing the thrill and adrenaline rush real cosmonauts go through in their space explorations. There are several programs that are geared to effectively simulate the exhilarating and magical outer space experience without having to actually leave the Earth.

When it comes to zero gravity space experience this firm has rigged up a Boeing 727 whose interior simulates the space environment. Clients can experience the weightlessness that is the major hallmark of space travel. You will be able to float, flip from one side to the other and even soar just like cosmonauts do.

Exciting space gifts for the taking


On the other hand, if you wish to own an authentic outer space object, you can now be in a position to do so. There are diverse space gifts sold by space agencies such as NASA. These include:


Moon dust/rocks
It is technically illegal to own any part of the moon that was brought back by the legendary Apollo lunar mission, but this can be circumvented. Moon rocks are meteorites that are formed by the impact of asteroids colliding with the moon. Which can find their way into the earth’s atmosphere. As would be expected these space mementos are very rare, but if you are tenacious enough you can be able to procure them.

Mars rocks
Like lunar rocks Mars rocks are debris of the impact of asteroid collisions with this planet, and they too can enter the Earth’s atmosphere.

These space gifts are some of the rarest meteorites that find their way to Earth. You can now be in a position to own your piece of these rare and visually striking gems.

Space postal stamps
Finally, the shut down NASA shuttle missions took to space a lot of postal covers that were eventually brought back to the Earth, and are now sold to space enthusiasts. See Space Flown Artifacts for more details


Bestseller space gifts